05+ MustangTank Fill Problem

A RatStang Exclusive


The S-197 Mustang has a known problem with the fuel tank filling.

Ford has redesigned the tank system with little results.

I think I may have the problem pinpointed as this procedure cured mine for the time being.

I was pointed toward this fix by a fellow I-Net'r named WhtMule.

Thanks for the direction.

Here is what was done.


Step 1:

Under the rear of the car you will see this cover. It has two bolts at the rear and two nuts on the front.

The harness is taped to a small clip on the cover. You need to remove the tape and disconnect the plug.


Step 2:

There is also an extension from the cover that has a clamp holing two lines in place. A metal and a plastic line.

You will need to undo the clamp and fold it back. It is shown folded open. Then pull the lines free from the clamp.


Step 3:

There is a second clamp that lines will also need to be pulled from. This clamp is just a clinch clamp so there is nothing to open.


Step 4:

Remove the two bolts and two nuts and slide cover forward and gently set the edge on ground.


Step 5:

Here we disconnected the line on a canister to check for obstructions and found none.

We also blew through the lines and found nothing. Be careful if you remove this clip. All you need to do is spread the ends enough to allow

the fitting to release from the canister.


Step 6:

The line shown is the actual tank vent line that come from the top of the tank on the right side and down to a filter.

The filter shown next is the believed culprit.

Inside this box is a filter to protect the small valve on the opposite side.

In it is a foam filter element. I initially blew though this and it seemed restricted.

Then I blew compressed air through it and plenty of dust blew out and it was much more free flowing.

I believe this is the problem causing item.


Step 7:

Reassemble the whole thing and try it out.

I had no problem filling the tank to full at max pump speed.

Good luck and let me know if this fixed yours too.


Ford needs to redesign this filter.

I am sure it will return in time.


Richard Senior (Ixtlan)